Friday, July 29, 2016

2017 Patriotic Eagle Calendar Now Available Online

One of Greenfield, Indiana's bald eagles appearing to be in attack mode.
(c) 2016, Bob Burchfield. All rights reserved,

By Bob Burchfield, Editor, LLC

For the past two years I've invested a considerable amount of time in observing and photographing a pair of American bald eagles -- and their offspring -- who chose a sycamore grove on the north side of Greenfield, Indiana, as their home. According to the local newspaper, this is the first recorded pair of nesting eagles in Hancock County in over 100 years. They've attracted a strong following of more than 4,000 followers on Facebook.

So I've chosen 14 of my best photos of the eagles, all taken during 2016, to create an inspirational and patriotic 2017 calendar of these majestic raptors, including the photo displayed above, shot in June. These are high quality photos printed on high quality glossy paper and bound with a spiral binder (available in your choice of five colors), available in two sizes: 8.5 x 11 or 11 x 14. Wait until you see the incredible photo of one of the juveniles -- at just 13 weeks of age -- on the July calendar!

If you would like to order one or more copies of this beautiful calendar (would make a great gift!), visit this Web page:

You can redeem a $10 credit by entering code JK6MMY when you complete your purchase. You can redeem the referral code by going to the My Account section and clicking on Referral Program on the left side of the page.

I am donating 25% of the profits to the Hancock County Arts Council, who has generously supported the efforts of about half-a-dozen Greenfield area photographers in capturing photos of these magnificent birds of prey. There's not a greater symbol of America than the bald eagle, IMO.

Thank you!


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